Easy Steps to Manage Your Flood of Digital Photos

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Most photos we take today are born digital—in other words, they are created by a digital camera or camera phone and only exist in a digital format.

In the recent past, we photographers tended to limit our shots since we may have only had one roll of film on us at any given time.

However, now that we are shooting almost exclusively on digital media (with seemingly limitless storage), we are overwhelmed by thousands of pictures, sometimes forgotten on our phone or memory cards.

Just because we can keep all those photos doesn’t meant that we should. In fact, just because they are digital doesn’t mean that all those photos are being stored!

Digital files promise convenience and instant accessibility, but they still need to be organized and archived just as prints would!
Keeping up with the seemingly endless flood of digital photos from our phones, cameras, tablets, and other devices can be daunting.

In this book, I outline simple steps that, when followed regularly, will help you manage your digital images regardless of how many devices you use to take pictures.

When you’ve followed these steps, your digital photo files will be tidy and navigable!

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